Cooking mexican food in Berlin

Are you travelling to Mexico and need some travel-tips? or just want to taste the authentic mexican flavours? either way I can help you.
The Food: Fish, Meat of Vegetarian?
Let me know what you want to eat and I cook it the mexican way - for ideas take a look at or at my instagram @polenkao

Discover and taste the authentic mexican flavour at home.
From € 20 per person (max. 8) I come to your place and cook the mexican flavor. We discuss all details beforehand, price may vary in case you have special wishes (e.g. Organic Food).

- What do I get?
Appetizer, Tacos or Antojitos (mexican tapas). You can also choose to get Wine, Mezcal or Tequila or even a Tequila Tasting. We first speak all details by phone. Duration 2 to 3 hours. Max. 6 persons, get in touch for bigger events.

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